eBook (pdf) Celtic Airs, Waltzes, and Originals for Mountain Dulcimer by Jerry Rockwell

This 94-page eBook in pdf format is Jerry Rockwell’s third book of dulcimer lessons from his Patreon profile. Tuning is DAD for the entire volume. This one is more of a “Best Of” the tablature output from 2018 – 2021, rather than a chronological organization like the first two books. Here is the text from the Introduction page for more detail:

This book is divided into four main sections: PART ONE is a collection of my favorite chord progressions and 4-chord loops, with some original tunes and chord exercises to illustrate what happens when you go deeper into these progressions.

PART TWO is mostly tablature from my 1994 CD The Blackbird & the Beggarman, along with some new arrangements of other Irish and Scots tunes, some appearing here for the first time. I have also included a few of my original tunes in the Celtic spirit.

PART THREE consists of Neo-Baroque Block Chord Studies, Hexatonic Minor Chord Jams, Originals, and Other Dark, Mystical Tunes and Progressions. There are a couple of major key originals that will help lift the darkness of the minor modes.

PART FOUR is a short section on the magic of pentatonic scales. Making music with only 5 tones in a scale (instead of the usual 7-tone major scale and modes) has a certain charm for me that I can’t explain. I have a page of exercises for flatpicking through D, G, and A Major Pentatonic Scales. Then you get three of my pentatonic original tunes.