Through Many Years and Many Influences

I continue to update this autobiographical listening fest — not even up to the late 1970s yet, and I’m totally exhausted!!! I DID find a splendid cover of the Green Leaves of Summer by the incredible Wes Montgomery!!! Through Many Years and Many Influences (on Spotify)

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The Green Leaves of Summer

When I was about 10 or 11 years of age, my mom took me to see the movie The Alamo. The soundtrack included a really powerful song called The Green Leaves of Summer This is my first experience (that I can remember, anyway) of being overwhelmed by the emotion of a piece of music. Goosebumps […]

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The Singing Stone Waltz

This is my first collaboration with the amazing Canadian acoustic guitarist Denis Turbide. It has a gentle, pulsating vibe as well as a kind of wistful yearning…..Thanks for listening!!!