Second Edit of Half-Note Guide Tones on rs7

rs7_hngt2 Here is the second version of my 3-page, 96 measure set of half-note guide tones on my rs7 or “OneLife” progression. Measures 33-64 — the whole of page 2 — are my favorites for composing out the structure into a jaunty hornpipe-ish kind of thing. The rest of the modifications on pages 1 and 3 just fixed some of the glaring problems with flow and direction. I’m making some real headway right now, so…
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half-note guide-tones

rs7_hngt11 Here are 96 measures of half-note guide tones around my rs7 (OneLife) progression. They won’t sound like much if played exactly as written, but if you use your imagination, you can fill in on the quarter and eighth-note levels. I seem to be gravitating toward a lazy hornpipe feel, but it also works as a jig if you pretend the half notes are really dotted quarters