Kentucky Music Week 2018!!!

June 24 – 29, 2018 Bardstown, KY I’m really feeling blessed and excited for KMW this year!! I’ll be teaching four classes: Play Modal Tunes and Songs While Tuned DAD – No retuning, no capo, just learning some E Dorian, A Mixolydian, and B Aeolian repertoire! Easy Rounds and Jam-A-Rounds For Ensembles – Really, this […]

dulcimer music Patreon

Monthly Dulcimer Lessons at Patreon!

I’m so jazzed up about this I can barely contain myself: I’m now in the second month of lessons on my Patreon Page: Jerry Rockwell Teaches Dulcimer at Patreon For as little as $1 per month, you can join in all the fun and the jams and the rounds, PLUS you get access to my […]