Descending Harmonized Scales (and Modes)


In the beginning of 2014, I was just starting my relationship with Mailchimp, one of the best email marketing companies on the planet, and I was really excited at that time with building chords off of each degree of a descending scale or mode. Here is an example of one of the pieces I recorded… Continue reading Descending Harmonized Scales (and Modes)

Excerpt From Book One Of My Patreon Lessons

The first eight months of my Patreon lessons are contained in the Ebook entitled “Irish Airs, English Folksongs, and Originals Arranged for Mountain Dulcimer” — which is basically Book One of these lessons. Here is a free excerpt from this ebook (in pdf format), consisting of the tune called “First Birds of the Morning”¬†FirstBirdsExcerpt

November’s Waltz on Soundcloud

This one has become a long-term project in many ways: it started out with Kate’s Tune probably five years ago. Kate’s Tune, in 4/4 time, is kind of a mesmerizing mixture of a Grateful Dead jam and something from the slower end of the Celtic realm. This month we are working on the waltz version… Continue reading November’s Waltz on Soundcloud

Monthly Dulcimer Lessons at Patreon!

I’m so jazzed up about this I can barely contain myself: I’m now in the second month of lessons on my Patreon Page: Jerry Rockwell Teaches Dulcimer at Patreon For as little as $1 per month, you can join in all the fun and the jams and the rounds, PLUS you get access to my… Continue reading Monthly Dulcimer Lessons at Patreon!