I have an email newsletter (powered by the wonderful folks at MailChimp) called the Jerry Rockwell Mountain Dulcimer Newsletter, and one way to sign up is to go to my main web site (since 1997) where there are sign-up forms right on the home page:

Jerry Rockwell’s Mountain Dulcimer Page

The newsletter goes out the first (and sometimes the third) Wednesdays of every month, and it’s been going steadily since December 2013. Every issue has some pdf TAB you can download (or just view in your browser), often some links to mp3 audio files at SoundCloud, and sometimes even some private, exclusive mp3 downloads that are not available anywhere else.

Here are links to a few issues so you can sample some of the music:

St. Paddy’s Day Issue 2016

Cabbage Country Waltz (3-Part Round) Fall 2016

The other way to sign up is to try it rat-cheer at jerrycrockwell.com once I get the sign-up forms to work 🙂