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QuaranTUNE 7.0 is OPEN for Registration!!!

Here are the three workshops I’ll be offering: Peaceful Irish Airs and Lullabies (Level 3) Friday Session 1 (9-10AM EDT) Get totally enchanted with these slow, meditative airs from Ireland. “Báidín Fheilimí” (“Phelim’s Boat”) is a 3/4 time lullaby that we’ll be doing in a simple, sparse arrangement using a lot of open strings. “Eibhlí […]

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QuaranTUNE 4.0 Registration!!

I’ll be teaching 4 workshops at this June’s virtual dulcimer festival: Ideas, Tips, and Musical Devices You Can Use Right Away (Level 4) In this session, you’ll make some interesting and unique music using only 5 tones. You’ll try some easy chord substitutions, and learn some of my favorite 4-chord loops to jam around. You’ll […]