dulcimer music pentatonic

Pentatonic Tune No. 1

This one was the first successful original tune in the major pentatonic, using only the notes D, E, F#, A, and B. I am currently up to four of these tunes……I wonder if that means I’m on a roll???

dulcimer music pentatonic TAB

And Another Pentatonic Tune……

Here is the third tune in a series of D Major Pentatonic Tunes I’ve been messing with the last couple of weeks. Easy to play, for sure, but NOT as easy to write!! But I am getting better……


Annual SouthEast Ohio Dulcimer Family Reunion

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Pentatonic Scales on the Mountain Dulcimer

Pentatonic just means “5 tones” !! The Major Pentatonic is a great one to get started with: it is FUN, it is HAPPY, and there’s no way of getting into trouble with “wrong notes!” For me, pentatonics have always meant FREEDOM: Freedom to Explore Freedom to Improvise Freedom to Try Something! On the DAD dulcimer […]