Jerry Rockwell Biography

Jerry Rockwell with an NCH model dulcimer he made by hand.

Jerry Rockwell is one of a handful of folk musicians who, since about 1970, have been national and international advocates for the mountain dulcimer. He is an accomplished player, teacher, and custom builder of this American folk instrument. Jerry specializes in the gentle, soothing, and hypnotic sounds of Celtic airs, waltzes, and folk tunes, and is committed to helping his students explore the dulcimer in the deepest and fullest way possible. He lives and works in the Appalachian foothills of southeast Ohio, and regularly teaches mountain dulcimer at workshops across the country. In July of 2007, he performed, taught, and lectured at a folk festival in Siglufjord, Iceland. Jerry’s latest recordings feature the mesmerizing and almost trance-inducing sounds of the electric dulcimer: often multi-tracked with a few splashes of synthesizer here and there:

Nine Meditations for Dulcimer (2013)

Tapping at the Edge of Paradise (2014)

The Singing Messenger (2016)

Starlight Variations (2018)