“You Don’t Do Enough Self Promotion!”

It sounds to me like Mike Howe has found a sustainable balance for getting the word out about his music. It is inspiring to find another artist who does not seem to be pulled into the “never enough” hassle-world of marketing! I have to admit that I have a much more existential, “world-weary” take on this whole thing, but then, what do you expect from an old dog like me? 🙂

Mike Howe

Time Stands Still by Mike Howe

…so I’m told.  To make up for my lack of self promotion here are a few words from people who have bought my first album, Time Stands Still and reviewed it on Amazon and Itunes…

Time Stands Still is British guitarist Mike Howe’s debut album and contains just under an hour of some of the most soothing acoustic guitar music I’ve heard”, Kathy Parsons

“This is one of the most beautiful CD’s I have ever listened to. You will play this over and over. I could listen to this all day. If you love acoustic guitar you will really enjoy this CD. I hope to hear more from this artist. Just beautiful”, E. DeCamp

“This is the most calming and beautiful CD I have ever owned.  I could listen to it all day and never tire of it”, Kathy Meyer

“One of the major distractions for contemplation and reading…

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