Ideas, Tips, and Devices You Can Use Right Now – Dulcimer Workshop by Jerry Rockwell

This post is designed to be a listening resource for my new workshop on how you can make your dulcimer playing more interesting and varied by using some common musical devices and tips. These tracks are all on Spotify, though you can find them on Apple Music and other streaming platforms if you wish. This workshop is being given at the amazing North Georgia Foothills Dulcimer Association Virtual Fest.

Pentatonic Tunes

New Release!!

Chord Substitution Ideas on Skip’s Jam-A-Round (Lullaby for a Starry Night)

This part of the workshop deals with easy chord substitution ideas: D to Bm, G to Em, and A to F#m. We’ll use my Lullaby for a Starry Night to illustrate this principle.

Riffs and Sequences

This topic is best illustrated by some tablature and music: an excerpt from my first book of Patreon lessons.

Bm-G-D-A (Lazzy’s Old Brown Cow)

Kate’s Tune, Kate’s Waltz, and Blue Ridge Dream

These tracks are all based upon the same Mixolydian chords, they just have different time signatures and different approaches to the melody lines.