May 2020 Dulcimer!

NEW RELEASE On Bandcamp!!! Bandcamp is forgoing their share of revenue today, May 1st, so if you decide to download some of my new music, I will get 100%. This is a very helpful and generous gesture from a GREAT company! Many of us musicians and music teachers have been hit pretty hard by this… Continue reading May 2020 Dulcimer!

Descending Harmonized Scales (and Modes)


In the beginning of 2014, I was just starting my relationship with Mailchimp, one of the best email marketing companies on the planet, and I was really excited at that time with building chords off of each degree of a descending scale or mode. Here is an example of one of the pieces I recorded… Continue reading Descending Harmonized Scales (and Modes)

Relaxing Dulcimer Tunes This playlist on Spotify has a good sampling of my recent recordings of electric and acoustic dulcimer. Most of this music is extremely relaxing and soothing: great for winding down, chilling out, meditating, or even sleeping! If you like this playlist, I have some huge playlists on Spotify featuring some of the finest acoustic… Continue reading Relaxing Dulcimer Tunes

Pentatonic Tune No. 1

This one was the first successful original tune in the major pentatonic, using only the notes D, E, F#, A, and B. I am currently up to four of these tunes……I wonder if that means I’m on a roll???

Skip’s Heavenly Round (G version)

Skip’s Round was first included in my first book of Patreon lessons and it was originally in the key of D. This version has one electric dulcimer in High GDGG and another in DADD playing in the key of G (without a capo). Enjoy listening and playing along!!

Excerpt From Book One Of My Patreon Lessons

The first eight months of my Patreon lessons are contained in the Ebook entitled “Irish Airs, English Folksongs, and Originals Arranged for Mountain Dulcimer” — which is basically Book One of these lessons. Here is a free excerpt from this ebook (in pdf format), consisting of the tune called “First Birds of the Morning”¬†FirstBirdsExcerpt